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About FABS

FABS represents one of the largest SAP-based public sector implementation of an integrated MIS in the world. Under this integrated Government Financial Management System (GFMIS) monthly and annual accounts of federal and provincial governments are produced. The GFMIS also processes payroll of more than 2.4 million public sector employees, pension and GPF of federal and provincial government employees, and payments and receipts of the centralized government entities at federal, provincial and district level.


FABS component ensures proper functioning of the SAP based financial accounting, budgeting, financial management, pre audit, payroll, GPF and pension processing system of federal and sub national governments through:

  • technical support to SAP end users in accounting and budgeting offices and line departments/ministries
  • development of new SAP based solutions for better public financial management and accounting
  • ensuring proper functioning of the SAP hardware and networking infrastructure across the country

The FABS component comprises of the following teams under their respective Team Leads:

  • Human Resource Team (HR Team)
  • Financial Team (FI Team)
  • BASIS Team
  • LAN/WAN Team
  • ABAP Team
  • Information Security Team


Human Resource Team (HR Team)

Led by Team Lead HR Mr Hamid Junaid, HR team strives to create solutions and provide technical support for processing claims pertaining to more than 2.4 million federal and provincial government employees and pensioners. HR team mainly deals with Payroll, GP Fund, Pension, O&M, tax calculations etc.

Financials Team (FI Team)

Under Team Lead FI, Mr Imran Pervaiz, FI team provides support and technical assistance for capturing of thousands of financial transactions related to government payments and receipts countrywide, on a daily basis. This team also creates SAP FI solutions as per the requirements of user(s).


Mr Muhammed Yaseen, Team Lead BASIS, ensures that his team keeps the servers up and running for all production sites across the country. SAP users are also created and maintained by the team. All server related upgrades, patch installations and server health issues etc are dealt by the BASIS team.


SAP Wide Area Network (WAN) & Local Area Network (LAN) along with network server(s), new SAP connections, and network related policy implementation fall under the purview of this team, led by Mr Qaiser Nadeem.


Team Lead ABAP, Mr Muhammed Arshad Khan, and his team use their skills to develop system based reports/programs as per the user(s) needs. Web based reports/dashboards and a number of other solutions for FI and HR functions have been created by this team.

Information Security Team

FABS Information Security Team, lead by Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)/Director FABS, strives to guard against the vulnerabilities of SAP servers/system and to keep the entire SAP based infrastructure safe & secure against the various internal/external threats.

Latest News

Get Status of Bills through SMS

January 28, 2016

DDOs/ Govt Employees/ Vendors may know the status of their Bills (other than pay, pension, GP fund), submitted at Account Offices for payment purpose, by sending an SMS through their mobiles.