Help Desk

SAP system has been implemented country wide even to the remotest districts and users have been trained in field offices to easily perform SAP related tasks. It is quite encouraging that all the districts of Pakistan are using SAP based accounting systems very efficiently.

However, support services play a critical part for smooth functioning of SAP system. To ensure timely troubleshooting/ resolution of issues we have established a web based “HELP DESK”. Our resources at central support team are always available and are working ardently to resolve any issue that has been reported.

Help Desk is accessible through an IP address over the SAP network. Only authorized users can access the Help Desk using User ID and Password provided by the administrator. When a user submits new issue it is automatically assigned to the Help Desk Manager who studies the issue and if required, forwards it to concerned member of support team. The user is always kept informed of the status of the issue and progress made in it.