Our Achievements

Our Achievements/ Initiatives

Since transfer of FABS functions of PIFRA to the office of the Controller General of Accounts, on January 1st 2015, this office has embarked upon several new initiatives, in addition to taking forward the tasks already initiated under PIFRA, with the aim to improve service delivery to the stakeholders. Such key initiatives and undertakings include the following.

Organizational Management Module

The FABS team of the OCGA, working under the o/o DG MIS, has developed a solution for matching employee sanctioned strength and payroll data, to address the problem of hiring of employees within the government over and above the sanctioned strength. SAP has a standard O&M solution intended for the implementation of sanctioned strength scale audit register and related functionalities. This standard solution has been configured by the FABS team to fulfill on ground requirements.

The solution was piloted in KP in April 2015. The personnel of AG and FD KP, as well as the DAOs, were imparted requisite training for creation and assignment of regular as well as contractual and project based posts. The implementation of the pilot is being closely monitored and technical support is being made available to government of KP in this regard by the FABS team.

Based on this solution the Budget Book of 2016-17 for the province shall be system generated and will reflect the true picture of posts created, occupied and paid. This solution will also aid in ensuring authenticity of employee master data. The solution is planned to be replicated in other provinces and at the federal level based on lessons learnt from the KP pilot.

Debt Management Solution

In order to facilitate debt management by provinces the FABS team has developed a solution for efficient management of public debts and loans. The solution incorporates amortization schedule for loan repayments and aids in keeping track of disbursements, and repayments of principal and interest thereon. It also aids in forecasting liabilities and determining impact of delayed as well as before time interest payments.

The customized solution is in the process of finalization in KP province. A more elaborate solution is being developed by FABS for the government of Sindh, with technical input from the World Bank. On finalization and successful piloting, these solutions are planned to be replicated in other provinces based on their specific requirements.

Interface With FBR

Establishment of an interface with FBR to capture revenue receipts data in a timely manner was an unfinished agenda of PIFRA which has been taken forward by this office. With cooperation from FBR IT team we are now in the process of finalizing arrangements for daily transfer of receipts data from FBR data center to our server at SAP CC in AGPR. The data transfer shall take place through an optic fiber link already established between FBR data center and AGPR office Islamabad.The interface will also aid in real-time verification of STRN/NTN for deduction of the same at accounting offices.

Dashboard for DDOs on Real-time Budget Execution Report

A web-based dashboard has been developed by FABS team through which DDO wise status of budget utilization can be had, real-time. The dashboard is hosted on FABS/CGA website. Once DDO code is fed into the appropriate field, relevant budget execution report is generated. The report is updated every two hours. The report is being actively utilized and since its availability on web it had received more than 100,000 hits by Jan 2016.

Payslips Through Email

During life of PIFRA a solution was developed and initiated for issuance of monthly pay slips to government personnel through email. The implementation of this solution has been taken forward post PIFRA. By Jan 2016 more than 125,000 government employees had registered on the FABS/CGA website and are regularly being sent monthly e-slips.

Direct Credit Scheme (DCS) for Pensioners

Direct Credit Scheme was initiated under PIFRA and has been taken forth post-PIFRA. Under the scheme monthly pension payments are directly credited to the bank accounts of pensioners and can be drawn through cheques or ATM cards. By Jan 2016 225,000 pensioners have opted for the scheme and are receiving pensions directly into their accounts.

Medium-Term Budgeting Framework (MTBF)

During life of PIFRA, work on piloting of SAP-based solution for MTBF in the Ministry of Finance had been initiated. The activation of the pilot was part of FABS’s contract with M/s Siemens. MTBF has been successfully configured in the SAP system. Requisite end-user training to resources at MoF is being imparted. Subsequently, the solution will be replicated in all the remaining Ministries. It is anticipated that the Green Book for 2016-17 shall be generated through the SAP-based system.

Dashboards for Decision Support

With upgrade of SAP from SAP R/3 to SAP 6.0 version the system can deliver decision support through easy to develop and access dashboard reports for senior and middle management within accounting, finance and line organizations in federal and provincial governments. Such dashboards are currently in the pipeline and shall be finalized after consultations with the stakeholders.

Employees Pack Through Email

FABS team is working on finalizing a service pack for government employees under which annual tax statement and annual GPF balance sheet shall be emailed to the employees.

Latest News

Get Status of Bills through SMS

January 28, 2016

DDOs/ Govt Employees/ Vendors may know the status of their Bills (other than pay, pension, GP fund), submitted at Account Offices for payment purpose, by sending an SMS through their mobiles.