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FABS represents one of the largest SAP-based public sector implementation of an integrated MIS in the world. The budgets and financial reports of federal, provincial and district tiers of the Government are processed through the FABS. Monthly salaries, GP Fund payments and pensions of nearly 3 million public sector employees and thousands of daily contingent payments and receipts of Government entities are also processed.

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FABS has successfully generated and shared Chart of Account compliant Budget Books 2022-23 of following 9 Local Councils of Sindh in Karachi:

1) Karachi Municipal Corporation (KMC)

2) District Council Karachi

3) District Municipal Corporation Karachi (EAST)

4) District Municipal Corporation Karachi (WEST)

5) District Municipal Corporation Karachi (SOUTH)

6) District Municipal Corporation (KORANGI)

7) District Municipal Corporation (KEAMARI)

8) District Municipal Corporation (MALIR)

9) District Municipal Corporation Karachi (CENTRAL)

Monthly Payroll of KMC has also been executed since February, 2023.

1) MoU Signing Ceremony Integrated Financial Management Information System in The Local Councils of Karachi

2) Anticipatory Pension Payment- New Pension Payment introduced for Pensioners.

3) System for Automated Deduction of Sales tax on Services implemented in Sindh and Balochistan.

4) A comprehensive dashboard with information on Federal Government’s expenditure on climate-change related areas under the categories of mitigation, adaptation and support has been implemented for Ministry of Climate Change.

5) FABS contributes to increased revenues through automated deduction of sales tax

6) FABS online salary slip solution users exceed 1.3 Million

7) System based tracking of pension cases launched at AGPR

8) AGPR goes live with the loan and advances module

9) FABS implements Organizational Management(OM) Module in KP

10) A comprehensive dashboard for Finance Division, with detailed information on Government’s expenditures, receipts, debt transactions & daily cash balances from the State Bank, has been developed & deployed.


Anticipatory Pension Payment- New Pension Payment introduced for Pensioners.

Another flagship initiative by the government of Pakistan has been initiated for its valued pensioners - The Anticipatory Pension. The anticipatory pension will commence once the employee reaches 60 years of age, the retiree will get 65% of Basic Pay for one year as anticipatory pension even if the pension case is not submitted. However, upon submission of the retirement case, the anticipatory pension will be adjusted. The pensioners will have the benefit of accessing pension funds directly from their ATM under Direct Credit Scheme and will receive a monthly pension slip on the registered email address for their reference and record keeping. For more information, please visit your nearest Accounts Office.


Dashboard for Finance Division has been Developed & Deployed

FABS has developed and activated a comprehensive dashboard for the Secretary Finance Division. The dashboard yields daily, cumulative of month and cumulative of the year information on Government’s expenditures, tax and non-tax receipts, domestic debt and external debt transactions, as well as the daily cash balances from the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
The dashboard is fed information from SAP and non-SAP sources through interfaces and linkages with institutions like Federal Board of Revenue, Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS), Economic Affairs Division, and self-accounting entities (Pak PWD, NHA, MoFA etc.), SBP/NBP. The real-time expenditure data of centralized accounting entities is captured through the SAP-based IFMIS.
The dashboard will help government in better financial planning and management with a timelier picture of its budget utilization, deficit and financing information.


Automated Deduction of Sales tax on Services implemented in Sindh & Balochistan

FABS Directorate in consultation with Revenue authorities and AGs of Balochistan and Sindh developed SAP based program for mandatory deduction of sales tax on services for payments processed by AGs/ DAOs in Sindh and Baluchistan. Through this program SAP system automatically syncs its data with PRAL’s data and collects information of vendor status and then calculates the applicable amount of tax to be deducted. This system prevents valuable government receipt from being miscalculated or misclassified. The system was launched in Sindh during October 2018 and in Balochistan during March 2019. S.R.B has recognized the efforts made by FABS for making this system successful and reported 80% increase in tax collection for period October 2018 to June 2019.


Dashboard for Ministry of Climate Change has been Implemented

FABS in coordination with UNDP, has developed a dashboard for Ministry of Climate Change which yields cost-center-wise information on ministry-wise and function-wise expenditure of federal government on climate-change related areas under the categories of mitigation, adaptation and support.


FABS Contributes to Increased Revenues through Automated Deduction of Sales Tax

Solution for automated deduction of sales tax through the system activated across all the AGs/DAOs with potential for substantively improving withholding sales tax collection through accounting offices. The FABS system accesses FBR database through optical fiber link on a daily basis to verify the status of sales tax registration of vendors/suppliers. The system ensures that the correct amount of sales tax at applicable rates is withheld from the bills processed at AGs\DAOs the next day.


FABS Online Salary Slip Solution Users Exceed 1.3 Million

More than 1.3 Million Government employees are receiving their salary slips through email every month. The measure is expected to contribute towards curbing the increasing cost incurred on the purchase of paper stationery and the repair and maintenance of printers at Government offices.


System Based Tracking of Pension Cases Launched at AGPR

Pension case tracking system has been developed for the pension cases processed at AGPR Islamabad. The pensioners can view the status of their cases online which would facilitate the pensioners thereby marking a major improvement in terms of service delivery, transparency and accessibility. The same facility will also be developed for all the accounting offices across the country.


AGPR Goes Live with Loan and Advances Module

A solution has been successfully implemented for AGPR Islamabad under which processing of House Building, Motor Car, Motor Cycle and Cycle advances for government employees under ambit of the AGPR main office in Islamabad, has been automated. The solution ensures that the employees get the advances according to the order in which they have applied for the same. It also tracks repayment of advances and makes sure that next advance is only allowed to an employee once he has paid back the required number of instalments of the previous advance as per the applicable rules. Furthermore, rules are enforced by the system through which an employee is barred from getting a particular advance more than twice during the length of her/his service. Activation of the solution has already led to filtering out of hundreds of applications for advances that were against the rules, thereby improving service delivery to the deserving applicants, as well as saving the exchequer from undue burden of advances to those employees who have not repaid due instalments on previous advances. The solution is planned to be replicated in all AGPR-suboffices in respective provinces.


FABS Implements Organizational Management(OM) Module in KP

The OM module has been successfully implemented in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province. Data cleaning work is already under way to enable roll-out of OM module in Balochistan. The module shall subsequently be replicated in all provinces as well as at the federal government level. FABS is also working on developing OM module-based dashboards which will provide regular update on sanctioned, vacant and filled posts in various government departments, districts across the respective provinces, at the click of a button, thereby enabling better rationalization of human resource across the federal and provincial governments.


MoU Signing Ceremony Integrated Financial Management Information System in The Local Councils of Karachi

Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah and others witness signing ceremony of Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) at CM House. Secretary Finance Sajjad Jamal Abro and Secretary Local Government Najam Shah signed on behalf of Sindh Government, while Director General, MIS Muhammad Umer signed on behalf of Controller General of Accounts.

About FABS

The office of the Director General MIS/FABS, working under the Controller General of Accounts(CGA), is responsible for smooth functioning of the SAP-based Financial Accounting & Budgeting System(FABS), which is an Integrated Financial Management Information System(IFMIS) being run at government offices at federal, provincial and district level. FABS was initiated and established under Government of Pakistan and World Bank-funded Project to Improve Financial Reporting & Auditing(PIFRA). PIFRA was implemented at federal, provincial and district levels of the government in three phases between 1996-2014. After closure of PIFRA on 31.12.2014, its FABS component was mainstreamed into the o/o DG MIS/FABS on 01.01.2015.

Essentially, FABS comprises of the New Accounting Model(NAM), and a SAP-ERP-based Information Technology platform. The New Accounting Model(NAM) was introduced in year 2000, through approval by the Auditor General of Pakistan, to improve the traditional government accounting system by bringing-in a shift towards modified cash-basis of accounting, double-entry book-keeping, commitment accounting, fixed asset accounting and a new multi-dimensional Chart of Accounts. A key objective of FABS (i.e. NAM, along with the SAP-based IT platform) was to help produce timely, relevant, accurate, reliable and comprehensive financial reports for the decision makers to enable effective accountability and better financial governance. Objectives of FABS include effective budgetary management, financial control, cash forecasting, trend analyses, fiscal administration and debt management.

The SAP-ERP based system is being run at more than 500 sites across the country at federal, provincial and district level. They include self-accounting entities like Pak PWD, Pakistan Mint, Geological Survey of Pakistan and Directorate of Postal Accounts. The District Accounts Offices(DAOs) and other district level offices, and provincial line departments are linked through Wide Area Network(WAN) to servers at Accountant General office and the Finance Department of the respective province. All provincial servers are linked through WAN to the federal server lying at the office of the Accountant General Pakistan Revenues(AGPR) in Islamabad, thereby creating a seam-less and integrated system capable of providing real-time information on financial transactions taking place on the system across the country at national and sub-national level. Among other things, the FABS is being used to process (a) monthly pay of more than 2.5 million government employees at federal, provincial and district levels (b) monthly pension of more than 0.5 million government employees (c) General Provident Fund payments of government employees (d) thousands of payment claims of government departments across the country on a daily basis (e) monthly and annual accounts of federal, provincial and district governments (f) budgets of federal and provincial governments.

New services are being initiated which aim to utilize the system for providing useful information to decision-makers in the government through dashboard reports. Horizontal expansion of the system is also being undertaken through interfaces with relevant government entities to capture comprehensive information related to receipts, expenditures, domestic debt and external debt transactions of the government.

FABS Organogram

FABS Functions

FABS ensures proper functioning of the SAP-based financial accounting, budgeting, pre-audit, payroll, GPF and pension processing system of federal and sub-national governments through:

  • technical support to SAP end-users in accounting and budgeting offices and line departments/ministries
  • development of new SAP-based solutions for better public financial management
  • ensuring proper functioning of the SAP hardware and networking infrastructure across the country

FABS Teams

FABS comprises of the following teams under their respective Team Leads:

  • Human Resource Team (HR Team)
  • Financial Team (FI Team)
  • BASIS Team
  • LAN/WAN Team
  • ABAP Team
  • Information Security Team




FABS implements Organization Management(OM) module, linking budgeted sanctioned strength of employees with payroll, in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa

November 17, 2016
FABS implements Organization Management(OM) module, linking budgeted sanctioned strength of employees with payroll, in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa




FABS Directorate Second Floor AGPR G-8/4 Islamabad Pakistan

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92 51-9107250 (fax)

051-9107209 (Help Desk)

Director General MIS
Hassan Latif
Director FABS
Owais Ahmed
Deputy Director FABS
Director MIS
Team Lead HR
Hamid Junaid
Team Lead ABAP
Arshad Khan
Team Lead FI
Shahid Muhammad shahid.Muhammad@
Team Lead Basis
Muhammd Yasin
Team Lead LAN/WAN
Qaisar Nadeem
Information Security Expert
Muahmmad Suleman
Accounts Officer (Admin) Focal Person for Pensioners for DG MIS
Fazal Abbas Jaffery
Accounts Officer (FABS)  
Omar Sharif
Help Desk For salary slip related Issues Please Contact
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